Fitness Tracker 90 CE

Custom Workout Tracking Application


Are you looking for a fitness tracking app that allows you to track the progress of 30, 60 and 90 day workouts, or your own custom workout? Then look no further as the Fitness Tracker 90 CE App is just what you need!


The Fitness Tracker 90 CE (Custom Edition) application is the perfect companion for many of the 30, 60 and 90 day workouts or your own custom workout.  Since the app is fully customizable it is easy to enter a workout schedule that matches your workout routine.  You may also download and share your workout schedules with other Fitness Tracker 90 CE users from our User Forum.  

The program is designed to allow you to enter your progress as quickly as possible so that you spend less time entering data and more time working out.  Previous sets are automatically filled in upon entry and also visible so that you know exactly what weight or reps you should be targeting.  Moving between exercises is completely effortless and just one click away.  The navigation between exercises is customizable as well so you can be assured that the next exercise is the correct one.

The schedule feature ensures that you know what routine you should be working on each day.  You may also copy schedules and completely customize them to fit your needs.  You can specify what routines you want to work on each day, specify the starting date for your schedule, create new exercises and duplicate weeks in your schedule.  The scheduler offers endless possibilities in terms of customization.  

The program comes loaded with features to help you track your progress, from nicely formatted graphs as well as the ability to email or export your workout data for additional analysis in a spreadsheet.  

Not only does the program allow you to track your reps and weight per exercise, but it also allows you to track your weight and body measurements. By using Fitness Tracker 90 CE you can finally get rid of your paper and pencil and share your workout results with your friends.

Other Features

  • A standard set of exercises, routines and schedules are provided, but you are free to customize them as needed to suit your needs
  • Ability to import and export routines and exercises -- share your workouts with friends and download new workouts
  • Smart Auto-fill intelligently fills in your data to save you time and lets you focus on your workout
  • Detailed schedule shows what routine should be worked on each day
  • Flexibility to work on any routine on any given day -- you are not restricted to the schedule
  • Easily see the progress for your current routine (number of sets completed)
  • Supports 1/2 pound (kg) weight increments -- no more rounding up to the next whole number
  • Strength Training - Calculates your pound volume for strength training routines
  • Supports recording exercise duration, steps, calories, distance, heart rate and mnore for full workout flexibility
  • Workout logs let you monitor your progress and see how well you are performing
  • Ability to email your workout logs to yourself or friends -- help keep others motivated
  • Graphs let you see your progress visually and compare results between sets
  • Ability to enter historical data for sets that were done in the past
  • Ability to track your weight and body fat percentage -- along with automatic BMI calculation